Mrs. Cynthia Murray, BN RN-BC

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One of my greatest passions ,outside of my family, is to expand AAACN's influence in the global nursing community. My membership in AAACN has provided me with many opportunities to serve the organization but also to be mentored by industry leaders. The AAACN SIG groups that have been most influential in my career and professional development are Leadership, Legislative and VA, all have aided in forming my nursing practice and advocacy for all things ambulatory. In 2015, I received the "Above and Beyond" award, I was truly humbled to have been recognized for simply volunteering to give back to an organization that has given to me professionally so much. Recently, I was honored to serve as the chair of the first edition of the Care Coordination and Transition Management Scope and Standards task force. Currently, I am serving AAACN as Chair of the Ambulatory Care Nursing Scope and Standards revision task force, as a member of the RN Role Position Statement Revision task force as well as the Nurse Sensitive Indicators task force. Every day I am amazed by the inclusive nature of AAACN, developing members for leadership roles not only within the organization but also in the global nursing community, I am so proud of the accomplishments of our AAACN founders, our current members and for our future members whose stories have yet to be told in the annals of nursing.